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Just look at the maps today on line presented by Google and Microsoft and others. An endless number of destinations beckon to be explored and cataloged. The satellite and street views presented allow some perception by the on line audiance as to the look and feel of almost anywhere on Earth. I have become aware with the passing of time how so very much the freedom of movment and ability to travel , to see and explore the wonders of our World, have meant to me and all of my family. The travel, explore , and adventure bug continues to infect most all of us in this world. There is always one more place to visit or explore and one more road to travel and mark - done. It will be my intent here to record as many of the sights and sounds as I can of the small area these pages will represent. At least it is a start. All of those dots on the maps are potential subjects and at age 79, not as much time to do it as I once enjoyed, and so will also use the travel adventures of my friends and family, with their permission of course.


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Places Area Places Location Friends & Family Adventures
Kentucky New Haven -
Kentucky Railway Museum
A Visit with Wanda In Search of Falls Creek
    Special Nature Videos
Kentucky Johnsons Lake Boston Kentucky Lee and Julie  
Kentucky Lincoln's Boyhood Home   Louisville
Kentucky Visit our Welcome to Louisville Page   Kestrel Release
Kentucky Kentucky River
Locks and Dams
  Broad Run Park
Kentucky Taylorsville Lake and Beaver Lake Turkey Run Park
    Dogs on the Run
Waterfront Park
Kentucky Kentucky State Capitol and Governor Mansion
Kentucky Cumberland Falls State Park    
Kentucky Falls of Rough
Indiana Indiana 135 Nashville Medora Covered Bridge    
Indiana Southern Indiana Roadtrip    


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