Remembering Johnson's Lake



One of those places and times etched im my memory of  an adventure now, over 60 years ago. There were about 6 or 7 of us. All lads n our early to mid teens and it was a planned three or four day stay in the small rental cabins that lined the lake. We could fish and explore and  try to live on basic food fare mamely canned soup heated on a stove.. Must have been some breakfast times though with eggs and bacon. It was an adventure indeed and now not many of us are left to remember. But I do and the day in April  of 2014 that I made my way down Kentucky 61 to Boston and the Lake near Rolling Fork RIver, and then on to New Haven and the Railrway Museim and then to  Lincoln's Boyhood Home on Knob Creek was a day when I was lucky to have had the breaks to get the pictures and videos that I wanted  for this page.  The Lake is not longer a rental and paid fishing and boating area, and all the cabins are now private property. One of the owners was just leaving the lake drive road and I asked if I could take pictures and he graciously allowed me to return to the area  of my memories.
The lake and origional home of the owners seemed pretty much the same after 65 years except for the Bluegrass Parkway passing now vrey near the Lake. Included here are a few pictures and a video of my day o
f remembering.

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Remembering Johnson's Lake Video




Above this line are  current views of  Johnson's Lake.

Below are the pictures from the time of our visit.  The pictures all made with my Trusty Brownie Hawkeye little box camera.
I believe this was in the 1950 to 1952 time frame and if pressed for best guess would select 1951. The group consisted of James, Richard, David, Bobby, Grady and Howard  from my recollection. Appologise if I have omitted anyone. Of those mentioned - Grady, James and Bobby have all passed away But here I can still feel exactly how it was.




David with the catch of the day


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