Exploring the Natural World
The World is filled with the wonders of Nature
I have always tried to be ready to document the wonders of our fellow travelers on our journey through this amazing World.
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Removed this guy from the middle of  the road near my home.
Released him into the rear of my home and he or she had to negotiate a few setps to get to the comfort of the soil and grass. 
Maybe not the most graceful but sure did get the job done.
I later found that the Eastern Box Turtle numbers are diminishing and one of the main reasons is fatalites encountered when crossing highways.

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While Visiting at The Falls of the Ohio Park . I happened upon another of Life's continual wonders. Another first in the continuing search into the mystery and wonder of life. This is the mating of a  Bumble Bee Queen and is a bit graphic if any are squeamish about these things.

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Sylvilagus floridanus

Lovable little Garden Destroyers. But they have a need for food too. Another one of my Cave Hill animal friends. Amazing how much we all have in common, yet each with our own defining characteristics . In this Video this little guy will demonstrate the art of scratching its nose with a hind leg.  Not as easy as it looks. I tried.

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Tis a complicated world that we all share and nothing is assured. In this case this Hawk was looking for the next meal and by chance an opportunity did manifest itself

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Didelphia virginiana


The Opossum is the only Marsupial (pouched Animal) in the United States . This little guy was feasting on seeds and Peanutbutter put out each evening for the Flying Squirrels on the Oak Tree Feeder.

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